DIY twisted clay rings

In the realm of DIY’s, I don’t believe they could get any easier than this clay ring DIY. Which makes it a perfect project for day 3 of the clay-mazing craft week.


  • 2 different colors of sculpey
  • An oven
  • A finger helps too


1. Break off two pieces of sculpey about the size of a quarter in each of the colors you’ve chosen.

2. Knead each piece until soft enough to work with.

3. Roll out each ball into a long cylinder shape, like you’re using a rolling pin.

4. Once you have it started, take the long clay piece and wrap it around your finger once to get the sizing correct. Now keep rolling it out until you have twice that size.

5. Fold the long piece in half, pinching the top part to make it thinner. Holding onto this part, start twisting the two pieces together.

6. Once at the bottom, bring the two end pieces and “mush” them together with your fingers. Try and create as seamless of a joining as possible. Be careful not to go to far, you’ll end up smoothly out the twist in the ring.

Bake it according to the directions on whatever clay you chose to use and you’re done! If you decided to use two different pieces of clay to twist together, in place of step 5, don’t fold over the rolled out piece of clay. Take the two separate colors and put them together, then twist.

Now don’t forget you could win these 2 rings, or any of the other DIY’s from this week. How’s that you may ask. Well check out the three easy ways here. If you need a refresher on what DIY’s we’ve had so far, knotted bangle bracelet, and the braided cuff.




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