Braided clay cuff DIY

Day #2 out of my 6 days of clay-mazingness is upon us. Whose excited? This gal.

At first I wasn’t going to say which DIY was my favorite, but I really can’t help myself. I love this braided cuff. It was simple, and there’s a lot of potential for what you could do with it. I’m a big fan of braids and knots recently. (On top of a million other things)


  • Sculpey (either one color or multiple colors)
  • X-acto knife


1. Break off 3 pieces of your sculpey. Whether it’s all the same color or different colors, make sure the 3 pieces are the same size.

2. Knead the sculpey until it’s nice and workable. Start rolling the sculpey out into long strips. Do this for all 3 pieces.

3. Make sure you don’t make the sculpey to thin, or to thick. You’re going to braid the 3 pieces together, so if the sculpey is to thin the pieces will break, and if the pieces are to thick, the finished braid will be to thick.

4. Once you have the sculpey rolled out to be at least 2x as long as the width of your wrist, pinch all  3 of the rolled out pieces together at the top.

5. Start braiding all 3 of the pieces together. You’ll want to go pretty slow, to make sure you don’t break the pieces apart. This can get pretty tricky. I had them fall apart at least twice, in which case I just rolled the clay back into 3 separate pieces and started all over again.

6. At the very last section you braid, piece the end back around to the beginning. I just mushed it together with my fingers. Try and get the pieces to fit together as seamlessly as possibly, but don’t worry too much if you can’t.

7. Bake the sculpey according to the directions.

8. Let the bracelet cool off. I gave it a full day before I did the next part.

9. Taking the x-acto knife, I found the section of the bracelet that was the two ends mushed together. I CAREFULLY cut down the middle of this portion.

10. And you’re done!

I waited until the bracelet was baked before I cut it into a cuff to make it a bit more stable. I really am quite happy with the end result. Keeping this bracelet as a braided bangle would have worked, but I didn’t want to worry about breaking it every time I put it on and off.

If you’re just joining me this week, be sure to check out how you can win this braided cuff here. And, of course, day 1 of the clay craft week – knotted bangle can be found here.




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7 responses to “Braided clay cuff DIY

  1. That’s a GREAT DIY project!

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  4. Paige Crusen

    Love this bracelet!! Simply yet pretty!

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  7. Alexandra

    Wow!!! I love this. I have been looking for a bracelet thats neutral coloured and this is perfect. The ones I’ve seen in the shops are either tacky looking or too expensive. This is just lovely 🙂 Xxx

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