Knot your average bangle DIY

If you’ve been following along, you know that for the next 6 days I’m going to be having simple to recreate sculpey DIY projects. The best part about these DIY’s, other than the fact they’re going to be easy, is the fact that they are all wearable. Jewelry!

Oh, and did I mention you could win your pick of the jewelry at the end of the week? Read here!

I’ve always had a love of sculpey. The possibilities of projects go on and on, and the colors go just as far. I found an amazing teal and yellow colored sculpey that I’m trying not to over-do it with. But where’s the fun in moderation?


  • A block of sculpey of your color choice
  • X-acto knife
  • A clean surface


1. You’re going to need to break your sculpey into 3 pieces. One large piece, a medium sized piece, and a smaller piece. I found it easier to break up the pieces before kneading them.

2. Knead your sculpey pieces until they are all soft. Start rolling the largest piece out first. You want to use the palm of your hand and roll it so it starts to get long and thin. Don’t roll it out too thin as it will become easy to break.

3. Using your wrist, measure out just how big of a piece you’ll need. You’ll have to account for taking the bangle on and off, so make sure it’s not too tight on your wrist.

4. Cut away the extra pieces if you’ve made your rolled out long piece too long.

5. Taking the medium size ball, do the same thing. Roll it out until it’s at a decent length and thickness. This is going to be your knot.

6. Carefully “tie” the sculpey piece into a knot. Place the knot in the middle of the long rolled piece you have. With the extra pieces on either side of it, mash (that’s the best word I could come up with) it into the longer piece below it.

7. Using the small piece you have kneaded out, cut it in half and roll out each individual ball. Once at the desireable thickness and length, wrap them both around either side of the knot. This will help cover the “mashed” spots on the sides of the knot.

8. Press the two ends of the longest piece together, and work the two ends together the best you can with your fingers.

9. Now bake it according to the directions on the label.

10. You’re done!

The one mistake I made for this bangle is I didn’t make the longest piece long enough in the end. The side ended up breaking while I tried to fit it on and off my wrist. You could always make the bangle portion thicker or even cut the back of it to make it into a cuff rather than a bangle.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY. Be sure to stop back later this week for more great sculpey inspired DIY’s.




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7 responses to “Knot your average bangle DIY

  1. Moru

    This is great! I love your blog, and I love the sculpey! I might try to make myself some clay jewelry soon. I wonder if I can find a way to make cool earrings with it. I have gauged ears, and I want to start making my own earrings. This might be the medium I am looking for.

    • I’m so glad you like it 🙂 I’ve actually been in the process of coming up with DIY for spiral gauges, keep your eyes peeled for them. Sculpey is a great medium.

      • Moru

        Ooh! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it in case you do make it! I’ve never actually tried to sculpt with clay… so it will be an adventure! 🙂

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