Clay-mazing week of crafts

I just recently rediscovered my intense love of sculpey. So guess what the next 6 days are going to consist of?

Sculpey DIY’s!

I’ve been working very diligently on making sure all of these projects are ready for this week of claymazing-ness. All of the DIY’s are not only simple but require very few supplies. I have my favorites out of the bunch, but I’ll let you pick out yours.

(hint, bottom right may take the cake for me)

The best part about this week? At the end of the week if you’ve followed along, I’m going to let a lucky reader WIN the sculpey DIY of their choice! That’s right. Win your choice of sculpey jewelry! All you have to do is:

1. Comment on the sculpey project that’s your favorite, telling me why it’s your favorite!
2. Like Marie, Oh Marie on facebook
3. Follow Marie, Oh Marie on bloglovin

That’s it! Three easy steps and a lovely little sculpey creation could be all yours.




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