40 More on my Bucket List

Here it is, the next installment of my bucket list. In case you missed it, the past 40 can be found here. I’ve been finding a reoccurring theme with most of the things on my list. What is that? If you’re bad at guessing like I am, it’s traveling. If I could be a nomadic gypsy, I would in a heartbeat.

41. Get my fire arms license
42. Learn how to ice skate
43. Perform a burlesque act (again)
44. Have my own radio show hour, or at least appear on one
45. Learn how to do makeup
46. Learn how to style hair
47. Make my own clothes
48. Develop my own websites
49. Sail on a sailboat
50. Learn how to make my own body care products
51. Live in New Mexico
52. Make my own wine
53. Finally fill a moleskin with sketches/writings
54. Get over my fear of the dentist
55. Get my first massage
56. Run my own boutique
57. Learn how to groom dogs
58. Start my own animal sanctuary on a farm and save all the little animals I can
59. Have a pet owl (A girl can dream!)
60. Learn how to do Art restoration
61. Be someone’s personal shopper
62. Do set design for plays/movies/photoshoots
63. Work as a consultant
64. Work as a stylist for photoshoots
65. Take a hiking/camping trip though the Grand Canyon
66. Learn how to glass blow
67. Make my own chocolate
68. Convert from PC to MAC
69. Take a class on how to make cupcakes
70. Learn how to read tarot cards
71. Take my own boudoir photographs
72. Make a youtube channel of DIY projects
73. Learn how to do flower arrangements
74. Go on a treasure hunt
75. See a tornado
76. Go camping every summer and even in the fall
77. Learn how to ride a horse
78. Remember to take my vitamins every day (yes, this is a hard one)
79. Have an entire room dedicated to all my crafting and art
80. Take it easier on myself

Some of them are simply things I’d like to see myself accomplish, others are just lofty goals. Soon enough I’ll have the last 20 to get me up to 100 things. Do you have a bucket list? If so, whats on it? If not, whats stopping you?



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