Lampshade diy roundup to brighten your week

Here we are, 7 whole days into March. A lot of big changes have been happening in my life recently. Hopefully all for the better! I’m certainly a creature of change, and change has been the name of the game for me.

One of the biggest changes we’re making this month.. Kh is moving in with me! It’s been something that was only talked about in a “what-if” context until about a week ago. We’ve been diligently painting the trim, cleaning, and making the apartment that is now mine into “our” apartment. Kh doesn’t officially move in until April, which gives us plenty of time to get everything together.

The entire month of March I’m going to be focusing on (and obsessing) about DIY home projects. My current favorites? Lampshades! Much like my paint sample lampshade, I found these easy tutorials all over the internet.

{white linen lampshade diy}

{fabric lampshade diy}

{spray paint lampshade diy}

And out of all of them, this has to be my favorite! I want to make several of these and hang them on my porch this summer.

{whirl it lampshade diy}

There you have it, a small compilation of some great DIY lampshades that have really been inspiring me lately. I can’t wait to get all re-moved in to my apartment.

I’m currently working on my own DIY for a tassel lampshade. Kh is teaching me how to make a paper lampshade, and I’m planning on adding a few embellishments to make it just right. Stay tuned for that.




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