national craft month

If you haven’t heard, March is National Craft Month! Yes, I may be 3 days late in announcing this, but better late than never, right?

Not only is it a month dedicated to crafts, it’s also the month of my birthday. The 24th, just in case anyone wants to keep tabs on it.

I’m planning some great DIY projects, a featured blog post by a very talented friend of mine, and plenty of DIY roundups! From leather fringe bags (hey, I’m obsessed), to great crafts using sculpey. Let me see if I can make March as craft-jammed as possible.

I’ve had a monstrous cold/sickness the past week and a half which has given me plenty of time to first be a zombie and unable to do anything, and then slowly gain back the ability to surf the web. Sites like Craftzine, Pinterest, and my new obsession with Apartment Therapy have really been fueling my inspiration.

So, stop back throughout the month and check out some great going-ons! Can’t wait that long? Check out some of my other DIY projects.



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