DIY Fabric Covered Tile Coasters


It’s my first post for national craft month! Hooray! On one of my most recent trips to a local thrift store, I found a bag of 6 ceramic tiles for $1.99. I honestly couldn’t pass up the chance to do something with these little gems.

Painting over tile can be a real pain, unless you get some kind of epoxy paint. You can have it tinted to any color, but that could get a little pricey. I definitely have a DIY project in mind for painting tile, but for now here’s my improvised DIY I came up with for these hard to paint tiles.


  • Ceramic tiles
  • Mod Podge
  • Felt
  • Pieces of fabric


1. Wipe down the ceramic tiles to make sure they are clean. Lay the fabric out flat, you may have to iron it if there are any wrinkles. Place one of the tiles on top of the fabric, trace at least enough fabric around the edges of the tile for the fabric to be folded up onto the sides of the tile.

2. Do this as many times as tiles you plan on covering in fabric. I only made 4 tiles, so I cut out 2 swatches of fabric in one color, and two in another. This makes it easier when you start mod podging.

3. To make it easier you may want to continue this onto the pieces of felt for the backs of the tiles. When tracing the tile shapes onto the felt, you don’t need to account for any extra. Keep the felt the same size as the tiles.

4. Taking one of your fabric patches, face the inside of the fabric upwards. Apply a thin to medium layer of mod podge on the top of the tile, turning it upside down place it in the middle of the fabric patch. Apply more mod podge on one side of the tile and fold the fabric up. Almost as if you’re wrapping a present. This was a little tricky for me, as I’m really not the best present wrapper around.

5. I found folding the corners in to the shape of a triangle made it easier to keep wrinkles from forming. Keep this up until all four sides of the tiles are covered in the fabric.Turn it over and double check to make sure there are no wrinkles or bumps. Smooth it out.

6. Apply another thin to medium layer of mod podge on the back of the tile, and place a piece of the felt down on top of it. Press down on it to make sure it’s sticking thoroughly and evenly.

7. Set it aside to dry, and you’re done.




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7 responses to “DIY Fabric Covered Tile Coasters

  1. So, lovely! I love this project! I just pinned it on Pinterest:


  2. This is brilliant, Marie! I’ve been wanting to make some fabric coasters for the living room, but I was worried about the liquid seeping through the bottom. Problem solved – thank you!

  3. rindi white

    I like this idea a lot, Marie, and am thinking of trying it. But I’m wondering if spills from the drinks will seep into the fabric and result in dingy/stained coasters. Have you had any stain issues?

    Do you think coating the final product with Mod Podge might solve that issue? I was thinking of using some heirloom fabric that isn’t suitable for a crazy quilt but don’t want it to be gross-looking after a few months of use.

    • I haven’t had any stain issues, but they haven’t had any extensive wear and tear as of yet. If you’re concerned with this you could choose fabric that is a little bit darker to hide any stains or discoloring.

      If the fabric you’re using isn’t dark, you could try getting some resin and covering the top layer of the coasters in this. It’ll help seal the fabric and prevent it from having anything get to it. With mod podge you may run into the issue of stains seeping past the mod podge and into the fabric. Resin is relatively inexpensive and you can find it at your local arts and crafts store. Good luck!

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