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A thrifty find makeover

Every Saturday here at Marie, Oh Marie I’ve made it a point to post a DIY. Ranging in all sorts of projects from clay to re purposing found items. The latter of the two being my personal favorite projects to work on. I love walking through a thrift store finding random objects that can be turned into treasures.

My most recent excursion into the land of thrifting brought about these two odd wooden candle holders. Upon first glance I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do with them, but for 0.99¢ I couldn’t refuse.

After looking through some of the things I had in my stash of oddities, I came up with this.

First I unscrewed the candle holders and sanded down the entire front of the wood. Taking a paper towel I wiped off the dust.

I had a small bottle of a sample paint called “French Dark Chocolate” that I then painted the front of them. It only took me one coat, the paint was incredibly thick, and I liked the way it looked.

Out of the stash of oddities we have in the apartment, I chose to use 2 dental molds out of the entire bag we have. Strange, absolutely. But the desired affect was achieved. Using e6000 adhesive I first glued the top and bottom of each mold together, then I glued them to where the candle holders once were.

Propped them up and waited patiently for them to dry.

Ta-dah! It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but they go quite well with our apartment. At least, the parts that are put together already. We love our oddities.

Dental molds may not be for everyone, but just think of all the objects out there just waiting to get a tiny makeover.


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Happy Birthday, Brosef!

Today just so happens to be my little brothers birthday! We’re 3 years and 4 days apart. That was always fun growing up and having to share the cake..

But, I still love the little spotlight cake stealin dude. So Happy Birthday to my one and only brother! You’re an old man!


Your sister

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Silhouette wall art DIY

I made a post this past Monday all about the various home improvement projects we’ve been working on. If you missed it, you can view it here. And in said post, I posted a link to a great DIY project involving silhouette wall art. This is where I draw inspiration from for today’s post.


  • 2 canvases
  • Magazine clippings
  • Mod podge
  • Paintbrush
  • White acrylic paint or even gesso
  • Pencil


1. Cut out pieces of magazine clippings. I decided to stick to a black, white and gray color scheme. Even using a few pieces of text as well. I cut out squares, triangles, even full magazine pages to make sure I had enough of the same clippings to use on two canvases.

2. Take the various clippings you have and mod podge them down to each canvas. I paid close attention to the clippings I put on the sides I wanted the silhouettes to fall on.

3. While step 2 is drying, take a sheet of paper roughly the same size as your canvas and tape it to a wall. You may remember something similar to this step from your grade school days. Using a lamp, create one light source, place whomever you are making the silhouette of on a chair in front of the lamp, and after some tweaking you should be able to create a shadow on the piece of paper on the wall.

4. Trace the shadow.

5. Cut out the final tracing of the shadow and you have a nice silhouette. Tape the silhouette down to the dry canvas and trace it onto the magazine clippings.

6. Whichever side you prefer, it can be inside the silhouette or around it, begin painting over the magazine clippings. It took me several coats to get it just right. And I still even feel I need a couple more. I kind of like the clippings showing through.. Ok, so I’m undecided..

7. Let it dry, and you’re finished!



I love the one of Kh, you can see the outline of glasses! Once I have some more free time I fully intend to make 2 other smaller silhouettes of the two pups. Family portrait time! For the pups I’m going to take a photo of their silhouette and print it out, cut out the photo and trace it onto a canvas. Trying to get Kh to sit still during the tracing part was hard enough, let alone two hyperactive pups.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project.


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And in the offline life..

Recently in the offline life of yours truly..

  • I got a sunburn in March.
  • Packing and carrying boxes have left me a little bruised up.
  • I turned 26.
  • I spent an afternoon at Craft Boston.
  • My best friend came to visit.
  • I fell in love with shatter nail polish again.
  • Kh moved in.
  • Our friends Jess and Kate gave us an amazing housewarming gift. Etched mason jars, and some zucchini bread with chocolate chips and nuts in it. (check out their blog at sippets and sharpies!)
  • We started hanging wall art up behind our couch.


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Around the house, and a few DIY’s

With Kh’s move in (almost) flawlessly over with, I’ve turned my attention to decorating the apartment. We finished painting a couple of weeks ago, and have made minimal trips back to Home Depot ever since. I was essentially living in there paint department for the beginning half of March.

The best part? I was able to get a ton of paint samples for future DIY projects. Yay!

My favorite rooms so far would have to be the studio and bedroom. We aren’t even remotely close to done decorating, but the color palette is my favorite. We went with a teal in the studio and a silver/gray in the bedroom.

There’s a small entryway into our bedroom that we painted this fantastic orange color. I never thought I’d paint a wall orange, but I did. And I love it!

The bathroom got a “celery ice” makeover.

Towards the end of our painting extravaganza, this was my idea of helping.


Now, here’s my attention being turned to decorating projects. I’m drawing inspiration from many DIY’s I’m finding all over the internet. So far these are the ones I absolutely am trying, with a few modifications of course.

Silhouette Wall Art via Lowes

Painted Fan Blades via Design Sponge

Painted Rug via Hayley Anderson

Pain Chip Wall Art via A Beautiful Mess

These are just a few projects I’m drawing inspiration from. I can’t go too chevron crazy or Kh might kick me out, so I’m going to tone it down and throw in some polka dots and other great patterns. This coming week I’ll be posting DIY’s of any projects I’ve given a go, so be sure to stop back and see some final products.


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The big two six

Guess what today is..

It’s official. Today I’m the big 2-6.

I can say with the utmost of certainty that I’m sad to see 25 go. It was a relatively easy year, and a lot of good came out of it.

  • I started my blog
  • Kh and I have made the “no turning back now, you get to do the dishes cause I hate them” decision to move in together
  • I got accepted into art school
  • I made a great decision career wise that’s really helping me to have flexibility with my schedule
  • I started volunteering at a museum

Word of this post? Started! I think “started” is a good word to sum up this past year.

Now, as far as 26 is concerned? I want to have a slight panic attack when I think of the changing of the numbers. Some years just simply hold a strange unsettling feeling to them. 26 is 4 years away from 30, and I’m not even ready to cross that bridge just yet.

Happy Birthday to meee! Give me cake.




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10 more on top of the stack – brings us to 40 about marie

Here we are, back on track with the random facts about yours truly. Tomorrow is my birthday! I thought it pretty appropriate to bring out the random facts again.

If you’ve missed the beginning..

:: 10 to start ::
:: 20 more ::
:: 30 to add ::


31. I just bought my first pair of sneakers in at least 10 years. I don’t like it when shoes cover my feet completely unless it’s a pair of boots. I have weird anxiety around it, but the shopping trip was rather anti-climatic. No anxiety just yet, but I do have these sleek sneaks.

32. For the longest time I hated sour cream and guacamole. Now, I could eat both like ice cream. I won’t though, that’s pretty disgusting.

33. I’m getting over my obsession with only painting my nails different shades of pink, red and purples. I’ve branched out!

34. Always this.
35. I need to sleep with a fan on. My biggest worry when not in my own bed is “how can I get a fan sound.” I’ve even tried finding an app for my phone to recreate the lullaby a fan gives me. I blame my  mom for this quirk.


36. When I was around 14 I used to wear at least 30 bracelets on each of my wrists.

37. I very rarely purchase clothes at full price. I love a sale and a good thrift store.

38. I’ve been an alternative model on and off since 2004. I was once on the cover of a local newspaper, and have even done a few fashion/burlesque shows.

39. I wear two rings every day. One on each ring finger. If I don’t have the rings on I feel naked and even feel “phantom” rings.

40. I have a locket a good friend gave me, it’s contents are a secret. I glued it shut so no one knows what’s in it but me.

Tha’s all folks! Well, until next time.


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