DIY Saturday: design your own ceramic mug

DIY Saturday, take 2! This Saturday I give you two incredibly simple (and fun) DIY projects to do at home. I’ve always really loved the “paint your own pottery” stores, and for a short while I was contemplating taking a ceramics class at a nearby studio. I was at my most favorite place in the whole wide world recently (Aka the craft store) and found a set of ceramic markers placed neatly inside a white ceramic mug. The best part of the deal? They were on sale for $1! Total score.

This was just the first of many mugs I plan on doodling all over. Just think, triangles, flowers, feathers, and geometric lines galore.


  • 1 ceramic mug
  • A marker for use on ceramics/glass/tiles
  • Paper towel


1. The directions with the markers called for you to wipe down the ceramic mug thoroughly with a paper towel.

2. Design your heart out! I free handed all the leaves on the mug and I like the way they came out.

3. Wait several moments and wipe down with another paper towel.

Done! How simple was that? If you happen to get a kit like I did, or even markers with directions be sure to follow them and not mine.



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