Sweet toothed Friday: NYSM chocolate

A couple of weekends ago we hosted a chocolate sampling shindig with a local (Martha’s Vineyard) chocolate company at my work. Ky from Not Your Sugar Mamas was kind enough to bring in 3 of their amazing bars and let us eat until our hearts content.

All of NYSM chocolate is raw, organic, and simply delicious, my favorite being the “Be Sexy” bar. This particular bar is the perfectly blended mixture of cacao, vanilla, coconut butter, agave, spirulina, maca, and sea salt, with a big dash of “love potion”. The love potion I like to say leaves a little “sparkle” in your mouth, or rather in every bite.

Read about their visit to the Spa on their blog, here.

If you want some good, and good for you chocolate head over to Not Your Sugar Mamas to order yours online or find a retail location to swipe up a bar, or two. If you happen to get an extra one send it my way.



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