Kh’s Vday Diorama

Last week, if you happen to have forgotten, was Valentines Day. I wasn’t in town for the actual day itself, so I had left a little vday surprise for Kh to see upon arriving home from work. I was super sneaky about it, and even lectured Kh about the importance of not reading my blog all week. Striking fear actually worked!

After making my little heart shaped candles (which totally float!), I needed one extra touch for the vday prize. A diorama!

I didn’t get the best photos of this prize, as I was rushing around like a madwoman trying to pack and leave for NY at a reasonable time. But I think you get the idea pretty well.

I took one of my favorite photos of us, turned it to black and white in photoshop, and cut it out. I glued it onto a small box covered in tissue paper, and hung a heart from the top of the inside.

And tah-done! I added the heart candles around the outside, and a little note for an extra cheesy factor.



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