What I Wore: to my volunteer orientation

Do you ever have those outfit ideas floating around in your head that you aren’t entirely committed to? I have them pretty often. I like to pick short bursts of time to try out the outfit idea and still be noncommittal about it. A whole 8 hour work day in an outfit I’m unsure of really doesn’t sound like fun to me.

I had just the occasion recently to try out an outfit I was on the fence about. My 2 hour long orientation at the museum I’ll be volunteering for. I’m incredibly excited both about the volunteer position, and after all is said and done the outfit it’s self.

Don’t tell Kh, I had to rearrange the couch to take the photo.

Shirt: Buffalo Exchange. I like to call it my Betty Draper shirt
Tank top underneath: H&M
Pants: “jeggings” from Target

Blazer: H&M

Boots: shh Walmart
Earrings: Kh gave them to me for Xmas!

One of my favorite parts about the shirt would have to be the buttons. They are quite ornate and detailed.

Overall I was a big fan of my first outfit with this new blouse. I can’t wait to warmer weather to come up with more outfits to incorporate it into. Maybe even find a long necklace to add to it. Spring clothing shopping.. I see you happening very soon.



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