Manicure Monday: Triangles!

I’ve just recently given in to the fact that I may be mildly obsessed with the new revival of 80’s colors. Teal, purple, yellow.. oh how I love that color combination. Kh taunts me excessively on my overuse of this color scheme, especially with my choice of sculpey and nail polish.

This is where I draw my inspiration for today’s nail art.

You’ll need some masking tape, or what I used was painters tape. It helps to make sure the tape doesn’t stick too firmly to the polish and rip some of it off.

1. First you’ll need to paint all of your nails the color of your choosing. I went with a teal color.

2. Put on a layer of top coat, and let your nails dry thoroughly.

3. Take the tape you have and rip off either one piece to use repeatedly, or several pieces to put on each finger. Cut out a triangle on the edge of the tape, for whichever option you choose.

4. Once the tape is laying flat on your nail, take the second color you chose and paint in the triangle. I switched around where the triangle was on each nail.

I’m pretty terrible when it comes to painting my own nails, but the thought is surely there. I love the idea of using different colored triangles on each nail. A full 80’s color scheme at your fingertips! Get it.. fingertips?



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