3 Ways to a Healthy and Loving Valentines Day: Featured Post

Today I bring a special little treat to you all.. My very first featured blog post! Everybody has those moments of weakness where they just want to give in and binge on chocolate and sweets. With the Holidays (almost) a distant memory, our New Years resolutions starting to lose momentum, and heart shaped boxes filled with chocolates beckoning come hither at every turn in the grocery store, it’s the perfect time to get that friendly reminder on how to eat healthy and stay positive.

My featured blog post comes from my friend Kelley Walsh, a holistic health coach. Kelley has her Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Health Science, and received extensive training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. She has an intense passion and drive to share the joy of healthy living with the people around her.

Kelley’s goal is to help others create that perfect balance in their life, with a large dose of happiness to boot. She utilizes practical lifestyle coaching to help you create that “go to” guide that’s just right for you. You can find Kelley over at KelleyWalsh.com!

On to Kelley!

The romantic day of cupid and his arrows is right around the corner, love is in the air! Stores are stocked full of red and pink hearts, stuffed animals, amorous cards and of course CHOCOLATE! Valentines day is filled with sweet temptations and it can be challenging for those watching their weight.  However, February is the month of love so this is a great opportunity to remember to show the affection we have for oneself and the people around us!

Start your Valentine’s Day off with a healthy breakfast. Strawberries, the heart shaped, delicious fruit loaded with antioxidants, Vitamin C and fiber, can be well enjoyed with Greek yogurt and my Yogi Granola. Check back this coming Friday for the recipe!

Maybe even try some gentle yoga to start your day with mental clarity and vitality.

Instead of  giving the box of chocolates or the dozen donuts. What about a big fruit salad with your favorite fruits or a dozen oranges/tangerines to keep those winter colds and flus away! Check back this coming Friday for a guide on the best fruits and vegetables to pick at your local grocery store. Complete with an even better recipe!

Plan a romantic dinner with your valentine and cook up a well-balanced healthy meal that won’t leave you feeling full. You can enjoy the rest of the night together bloat-free. Check out my Recipes at Kelleywalsh.com for ideas. Treat yourself to a sweet after dinner with my gluten free Chocolate Macaroons. What better way to finish off your meal then with an aphrodisiac like chocolate!


Thanks for reading everybody. Be sure check back this coming Friday for another great post from Kelley. And of course check out her website kelleywalsh.com for some great recipes and health coaching!




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