Breakfast in bed: eggs in the heart shaped basket

If you happen to have been around the past week, I recently made a Valentines Day inspired post on recipes and cute little food ideas you could do for your loved one. The post can be found here.

My favorite idea came in the form of a little heart cut out of a piece of bread, and an egg in it’s place. Egg in the heart shaped basket, how could you not adore that?

Well. Yesterday morning Kh surprised me with a mimosa, and this!

Kh turned the heart shaped cut out hearts into tiny grilled cheese, that when put together made one heart. Cute!

Monday  morning I’m heading out to New York and wont’ be back until Wednesday evening, maybe even Thursday. Which means, I’ll be missing Valentines Day. We’re both pretty bummed about it, but I have my own little tricks and surprises in store for when I’m away.

I’ll be posting all of that later, I can’t give away the good stuff!



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