Day 6: An oversized owl candle holder

I’m going to get a little sidetracked here and say I’m very bummed is going to be shutting down in April. It’s a great site for any last minute quick photo editing, I use it quite often when making photo collages, and have been using it even more now that all the premium features are free. An option to make a 9 picture photo collage? I’m totally in! Go try it out before it is completely shut down.

Now, back to the most important part of the day. Owls!

My younger brother got me this amazing candle holder for Christmas last year. It’s actually quite big, and I’ve been to afraid to use it. I don’t want to ruin it! It’s just too cute.

Once Kh and I get our own apartment, and before I start school, I’m hoping to have a perfect little spot in the apartment for his towering self of amazingness.

Another owl gem my brother sent me?

I want one!



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