Day 5: Owls Galore

Today marks the fifth installment of my owl collection’o’rama. If you’ve missed it, here’s the past few days.

Day 1 – Biggest love
Day 2- Carl
Day 3 – Owls my Grams gave me
Day 4 – Random little ones

I could potentially keep this going for the rest of the month, but I won’t completely take over with my owl madness. What can I say, I just love these big eyed birds of prey.

My apartment has a hutch built right into a wall, and what better place to take over with my owl stuff than a natural little nook! From this little nook display I bring you these gems.

I got these two from my Grams. They’re ceramic hollow knickknacks. They also just so happen to be two of my favorite owls.

This green guy came to me by way of an ex’s mother who found him at a flea market and just had to get him for me. One of the best things about having a strange obsession with things like owls, you get a lot of random presents and some great prizes.

I always fully encourage people to send me photos of owl paraphernalia they see out and about. If you have a facebook page, head over to Marie Oh Marie, like it and be sure to tag me in any owl goodies you find!



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