DIY Framed Paint Sample Heart-work

One of my favorite projects to do would have to be the one that costs me next to nothing. And one way to achieve the virtually free craft is to have cheap- to – free supplies. The best place to get such a thing? Home Depot! Or essentially any store that sells paint and has paint samples for the taking. I almost always stock up whenever I’m in my local Home Depot. I’m sure they have me flagged for the crazy paint sample lady.

Today’s DIY is both inspired by my love of free paint samples, and Valentines Day.


  • At least 3 cards of paint samples with a gradient to them
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Thick paper (I used printmaking paper, you could use cardstock, watercolor paper, etc)
  • 5″x7″ frame


Before I began, I made 3 hearts of varying sizes as stencils to trace from. It made it much easier than free handing them all.

1. Start tracing the largest of your hearts at whichever side of the gradient you want to be the first color. I traced only three large hearts in total. The colors I chose weren’t of high enough contrast to really see a difference, it’s very subtle in the gradient.

2. Continue on with the medium sized heart and the smallest heart. The medium heart I traced 12 of, and the smallest had 18. I made sure to trace a few extra so I could play around with the design if I wanted to.

3. Cut out all of the hearts you just traced.

4. Glue all the hearts to the 5″x7″ thick paper you have.

5. Let it dry. Once completely dry wipe off and clean up all the extra glue that may be on the paper.

6. Frame it, hang it, you’re done!


Incredibly easy, and since I already had the supplies it only cost me $3 for the frame at Target. They had them in red and pink, but I liked the white the best.

All of this week I’ll be having more Valentines inspired DIY’s, so stay tuned! Dog treats, felt hearts, and more!

Want more inspirational ways to use paint samples? If you missed it, check out my DIY Paint Sample Lampshade!




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6 responses to “DIY Framed Paint Sample Heart-work

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  2. Put 4 quarters or little round items…together. Draw outside to top two, & inside the bottom two. You get another way of making beautiful hearts! Dixie

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