DIY Sculpey Heart Bracelet

Today I bring you a simple little DIY with so many possibilities. A sculpey heart bracelet! I chose to use a teal colored sculpey, and although it’s not your traditional Valentines Day colors, I’m still rather fond of it. You of course could use any color sculpey you want. Even multiple colored hearts!


  • Sculpey
  • Knitting needle (or something sharp enough to poke through the sculpey)
  • Satin thread (beading cord, leather cord, hemp etc. Anything you want to use)
  • Tape
  • Pen (or something circular to make the dent at the top of the heart)


1. Take your desired colored sculpey and rip off a workable chunk. Knead the sculpey to get it soft enough to work with.

2. From here I ripped off pieces, all of which were the size of the hearts I wanted to create.

3. Pinch the bottom of the sculpey into a point, and at the other end take your pen and press it in the middle of the top to create the top of the heart.

4. This part can be tricky! Take the sharp object you’ve chosen, and holding the heart sideways, poke a hole going all the way through to the other side. Be careful not to pinch it too much or it’ll misshape the heart.

5. Repeat! I ended up with around 16 hearts, 13 of which I ended up using on the bracelet. It’s better to have too many than to few.

Now once you have a satisfactory amount of hearts, fire your sculpey (or whichever clay you’re using) according to the specifications on the package.

Once your hearts have been fired and set aside to cool, I waited a couple of days, move on to these next steps.

1. Using whatever thread or cord you decide upon, cut off about 2 1/2 times more than what you’re making. I made a bracelet, so I wrapped the satin thread around my wrist, marked how long it was, and then doubled it and added a little extra. I wanted to make sure I had enough to make all the knots and then some.

2. Hold the two loose ends together, and at the other end tie a knot. Depending on what you chose as your thread you may need to make several knots. Leave a loop at the very end.

3. Tape down this piece of the thread securely to a table or the surface you are working on.

4. Taking one side of the thread, and one of your hearts, thread it through the heart. Keeping one side of the strong on the back portion of the heart.

5. Tie a knot. I had to tie two in order to keep the satin thread from moving and coming untied.

6. Repeat step 4. Keeping repeating it until you have as many hearts as you’ll need. As I mentioned, I used 13.

7. Now leave enough room on the string to be tied to the other end. Un-tape the other end and loop it through this end. Tie a couple of knots to keep it in place. I also put a bit of glue to hold the knot from coming undone. You can certainly close it any way you see fit. Next time I may use a clasp on the end to easily be able to remove the bracelet.

See, easy, and so many variations you could do to it. I even like the idea of making a keychain, or even a necklace.

Keep coming back this week for even more Valentines Day DIY’s!




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4 responses to “DIY Sculpey Heart Bracelet

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  2. Judy Onesto

    Since Valentine’s Day is over maybe we could make green shamrocks!

  3. Every girl is dreaming of owning a piece of beautiful jewelry, so great to read your blog.

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