My biggest love: owl collection

With Valentines Day fast approaching, you can’t help but start having those lovey-dovey thoughts. Or maybe even those “I’m going to choke on hearts” kind of thoughts. Either way, this week I’m going to bring you photos from my owl collection. Because c’mon, what could I possibly love more than my owl collection? (Just kidding to my loved ones that read this, and even to you Sophia as I know your little doggy self is fast asleep)

My owl collection first started off with a few ceramic knick-nacks, and the occasional candle and has evolved into wind chimes, tattoos, so very much jewelry.

My grandmother has a huge owl collection that she’s been slowly giving me more and more pieces from every time I go home to visit. I even just got word from my mother that she’s giving me an owl painting her grandmother painted. Hooray!

This is study buddy. Kh got him for me on a complete whim one night while surfing eBay.I think he’s a limited edition Starbucks stuffed animal. Either way, he resides on my bed and even has a crook in his leg for crossing them. Ek! Cute.

This is only about half of what I have in my collection. So stay tuned for more owl goodness this week!




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