Manicure Monday: Sweetheart Inspiration

All of this week I’m putting together a combination of my own DIY projects for Valentines Day, and of course my favorite DIY’s and even some recipes! So make sure you stay tuned all of this week to get the full extend of the goodies I have in store. Especially if you are like me and often have a hard time not putting things together last minute. (Yeah, I’m admitting it, I procrastinate far too often)

In keeping with the Manicure Monday tradition, which I’ve been doing a terrible job at I know, I’m bringing you this little roundup of my favorite 3 Valentines Day nails I’ve found.

This is my absolute favorite look I’ve found. To see the full DIY, head on over to Polish You Pretty for a great step by step!

{source: polish hoarder}

{source: polish hoarder}

The above two were both found in the same post. Talk about hitting the jackpot! I love the matte finish around the two shiny hearts.

There are just SO many options when it comes to this day of love. Hopefully sometime this week I’ll find some time to give myself bright red nails with a few white heart accents.




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4 responses to “Manicure Monday: Sweetheart Inspiration

  1. Love, love, love the red matte nails with the glossed hearts on them!

  2. Reblogged this on Dope X Art X Wear and commented:
    Valentines Day anyone?

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