30 To Add: All About Marie

We’re up to 30 already. My how time flies when you’re coming up with random facts about yourself.

21. When I’m deep in a tangent, while ranting and raving, I say “you know” about a million times.

22. If I’m riding on an escalator and I start paying attention, I have to hit every little metal “button” that protrudes from the two sides I see.

23. I love taking a bath.


24. If I’m working on a craft, it’s very rare I can make only one of said craft. I like to mass produce. I even will have 2 to 3 knitting projects going at once. Kh likes to say I have an insatiable desire to create. And it’s true. I never sit still for more than 5 minutes.

25. Wearing any color other than black makes me uncomfortable. Prints I can get away with as long as most of the print is black or the rest of my outfit is black.

26. Heart shaped polka dots < circular polka dots in my opinion

27. I have “Stormy Weather” tattooed above my knees. It was inspired by the song with the same title. Billie Holiday’s version being my absolute favorite.

28. When I was in middle school, I went through a phase of absolutely hating the feel of denim. I’d only wear leggings with stirrups. I was a kid with fashion skills beyond my years.. If it wasn’t for the oversized red BUM sweatshirt I wore until it died on meΒ I might have made it through my awkward years without getting picked on.

29. At one point I was able to type close to 80 words per minute. I took an online typing test recently and it said 100wpm. I always remember to stay on home row.

Try it yourself here – free online typing test

30. The only meat I eat comes in the form of low sodium, sea salt turkey bacon. Everything else is veggies galore and far too much raspberry or lemon greek yogurt lately, Chobani being my absolute favorite. I’d love to try being vegan some day, but cheese and I have an on going love affair I’m just not ready to part with.

Next month I’ll bring you 10 more, which will bring us to 40, completely random and useless facts about yours truly. I promise some day you’ll thank me.

Just to make sure you’re up to date:
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3 responses to “30 To Add: All About Marie

  1. Hey, Marie! We’d love to surprise you with a case of lemon & raspberry Chobani to keep ya fully stocked for your protein-needs. Feel free to email me if you’d like a fresh supply πŸ™‚

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