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Boys wear hats too

Early last month my younger brother came for a visit, and I took the opportunity to get a few photos of him wearing a hat I had made. It’s taken me this long to get the photos off my camera and edited. I’m a slow poke! I kept getting distracted with all the DIY’s I keep doing. Project after project.. Being home sick for the past few days has certainly given me the chance to get caught up.

I’m still in the process of sewing labels on all of them, and of course the ever daunting process of photographing each one. Meaning, I don’t quite have them up for viewing or even purchase yet. Some day..

Looket my little brother looking all grown up! I couldn’t get over how red his beard was.

Boys can wear knitted hats and look cute in them too! I think he’s living proof of that.


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Spring Nail Art Inspiration

Spring is almost in the air! I can’t believe March is peaking its head around the corner, and with it so is Spring. I’m looking forward to Spring dresses, going on long walks, and maybe even a picnic or to before it gets really hot here in Boston.

One of the great things about the changing of seasons would definitely have to be the new crafts and craft inspirations that spring up everywhere. I’m starting to see some amazing Spring inspired nail art, and well, I had to dedicate a post to them!

: source : baby chickens!

: source : love the clouds and light blue background

: source : I just had to throw in some triangles

: source : this dandelion design is my favorite

I love the idea of turning each nail into an Easter egg, or even spring flowers. You may  need a rather large color palette with your nailpolish, but it would be worth it.


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Skies of blue

On my most recent trip back to upstate NY, where I’m born and bred, I realized just how much I miss seeing beautiful wide open blue skies. The skies just go on for miles with nothing but hills to interrupt the blue.

I had to get a few snapshots. Thankfully I remembered my point and shoot cannon.

It’s a little strange to not see piles of snow everywhere, but I’ll take it. It’s even more gorgeous in the Fall when all the hills are covered in a quilt of orange and red hues.

I took even more while I was driving, but they happen to either have my steering wheel in the way, or the little face of a curious chihuahua unable to sit still for a 4 1/2 hour drive.


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It’s a dogs day

Last Sunday I made a post about sweet little chihuahua’s, some of my favorite creatures in the whole wide world. This Sunday I’ve decided to bring you an image heavy post about what happens when I go to work and Kh is left at home with the pups all day.

.. I get bombarded with pictures of them.

They’re napping together!


Can you spot the sophie?

And to think this is only about a weeks worth.


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DIY Saturday: design your own ceramic mug

DIY Saturday, take 2! This Saturday I give you two incredibly simple (and fun) DIY projects to do at home. I’ve always really loved the “paint your own pottery” stores, and for a short while I was contemplating taking a ceramics class at a nearby studio. I was at my most favorite place in the whole wide world recently (Aka the craft store) and found a set of ceramic markers placed neatly inside a white ceramic mug. The best part of the deal? They were on sale for $1! Total score.

This was just the first of many mugs I plan on doodling all over. Just think, triangles, flowers, feathers, and geometric lines galore.


  • 1 ceramic mug
  • A marker for use on ceramics/glass/tiles
  • Paper towel


1. The directions with the markers called for you to wipe down the ceramic mug thoroughly with a paper towel.

2. Design your heart out! I free handed all the leaves on the mug and I like the way they came out.

3. Wait several moments and wipe down with another paper towel.

Done! How simple was that? If you happen to get a kit like I did, or even markers with directions be sure to follow them and not mine.


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DIY Saturday: leather fringe key chain

Today I’m bringing you not one, but 2 simple and fun DIY projects that anyone can do. Be sure to stay tuned in the next hour for the next DIY project!

Here’s a confession for you all. One of my biggest weaknesses.. fringe. Fringed bags, necklaces with fringe, and especially vests with fringe. After stumbling upon an image of a leather fringe key chain, I of course obsessed about it for weeks until I made my very own.

The DIY is fairly straightforward and simple. If you don’t want to use leather strips you could always use fabric, fake leather, or just about anything else that gives the “fringe” effect. I happened to have leather laying around from some earrings I had been making.


  • A patch of leather (or the material to substitute it with of your choosing)
  • Scissors
  • A key chain
  • Adhesive (I used E600)


1. There’s a couple of ways you can start this out with. You can either turn over your leather and draw out thin strips on the back of it, or you can just free hand the strips. Either way, start cutting thin strips of the leather that will be used for the actual fringe. I found the thinner I made them without breaking them the better. The thicker ones had a harder time looping around the key chain.

2. Once you have a sufficient amount of strips, you want to start looping them around the keychain until you have as much fringe on it as you like. I did this first prior to gluing the strips onto the keychain.

3. Start gluing! It works best if you loosen the knot of the fringe enough to get your adhesive on the back of the fringe where it lays against your key chain, and the front where the knot is located. I was lucky enough not to make a huge mess. Toothpicks helped!

4. Let sit for at least a day to dry thoroughly.

I put so much wear and tear on my key chains I’m almost tempted to set it aside and admire it from afar. But on second thought I’m to in love with this fringed gem from the heavens not to use it every chance I get. It’s also inspired me to do a fringe bag soon, stay tuned!


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Sweet toothed Friday: NYSM chocolate

A couple of weekends ago we hosted a chocolate sampling shindig with a local (Martha’s Vineyard) chocolate company at my work. Ky from Not Your Sugar Mamas was kind enough to bring in 3 of their amazing bars and let us eat until our hearts content.

All of NYSM chocolate is raw, organic, and simply delicious, my favorite being the “Be Sexy” bar. This particular bar is the perfectly blended mixture of cacao, vanilla, coconut butter, agave, spirulina, maca, and sea salt, with a big dash of “love potion”. The love potion I like to say leaves a little “sparkle” in your mouth, or rather in every bite.

Read about their visit to the Spa on their blog, here.

If you want some good, and good for you chocolate head over to Not Your Sugar Mamas to order yours online or find a retail location to swipe up a bar, or two. If you happen to get an extra one send it my way.


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