DIY Secret Text Egg

Today I bring you a DIY I tried out last year for Kh’s birthday. I got the original idea from seeing random photos on pinterest with the same concept. Apologies in advance for some of the photos, I only had my iPhone on me to take the shots.


  • One egg
  • Tissue paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Blank piece of paper
  • Something small to poke holes in egg


  1. First you want to poke one hole in each end of the egg. From here, you want to blow into the other end of the egg to remove all the insides. I had to blow pretty hard but never fear, the egg won’t (hopefully) break on you.
  2. Now wash out the inside of your egg. And set it aside to dry for a little while. This may take a bit, but you want to make sure the inside is completely dry before you put your secret message inside.
  3. While you’re waiting for your egg to dry, you can take your blank piece of paper and write a secret little message. It can be a love message, a confession or even a break up message. Whatever your heart desires! Just remember you have to roll it up and fit it inside the egg so try not to make it too long. It’ll make the rolled paper to thick.
  4. Once you feel your egg is dry enough, paint the outside of it! I went with some simple heavy duty wall paint I had gotten at Home Depot, to make my egg a little less fragile. I painted the outside an off white color with purple polka dots.
  5. Let dry. Patience!
  6. Once your egg is dry, take your text message and roll it up into a tiny little scroll. Pick one end of your egg and slide the text scroll into it. I had to crack the hole open a little further to fit it in.
  7. Since the hole I made was fairly large, I took a round piece of paper and covered up the hole. I then just painted the paper onto the hole to cover it up.
  8. Wrap in tissue paper, put in a cute box, and you’re done!

I loved making this little thing. It would be a perfect craft for around Easter!



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