Foodie Friday: My favorite eats

1. Spaghetti {source} 2. Pineapple {source} 3. Quorn (fake) Chik’Nuggets {source} 4. Guacomole {source}
5. Strawberries {source} 6. Honey Bunches of Oats {source} 7. Iceberg Lettuce {source}
8. Tikka Masala {source} 9. Lemon yogurt {source}

If you can’t tell by the broad range of food, I have a very strange variety of likes when it comes to my food.

When I was younger, I loved drinking orange juice with my spaghetti, and making mashed potato sandwiches with slices of bread. Strange? Yes, a little. Now that I’m older I still enjoy the random combination of foods every now and again. Macaroni and cheese on top of my (fake) chicken nuggets is probably my favorite right now.

Do you have any strange food habits or combinations that make others think twice?



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