On and Off

  • I’m working on creating a facebook page for my blog. Facebook is complicated!
  • Working on updating my tumblr
  • Hatching out my blog calendar for February and in to March
  • Spending far too much time on my pinterest
  • Re-evaluating my wardrobe and window shopping like crazy

  • Scheduling trunk shows for 2012 at work, meeting with vendor after vendor
  • Making plans to travel back home to NY
  • Looking into my pet sit schedule for February
  • Solidifying my volunteer hours at the MFA
  • Waiting with baited breathe to hear back from the school I applied to
  • Being offered a consultant job for a boutiques inventory management and bookkeeping
  • Working on DIY projects for the up coming weekends
  • Fueling my addiction to This American Life
  • Puppy bath time is fast approaching

And that’s whats going on in my life these days. Of course I’m not admitting just how much This American Life I listen to, but lets just say it’s really quite a lot.



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