Thrifty Thursday

I am what most would call, a bargain hunter. I very rarely pay full price on any one item. I’ll slightly stalk it and watch it until it’s at it’s absolute weakest.. Ok, that sounds a little predatory. I just like getting things for the lowest possible price, more bang for my buck. Especially when you don’t exactly have a lot of bucks to work with.

So, it’s only natural I love thrift stores and thrifty finding. My favorite finds recently (and one all time favorite find)? Well, just look below.

While thrifting with my best friend on my birthday a few years ago, we came across this owl shaped mirror. I mean, c’mon! Definitely one of my all time favorite finds.$5

These amazing teal colored heels just need a little tender love. The total? $4.

I found this beautiful heart shaped two tier corner shelf in the garbage on my street. Free! I can’t wait to stain it a dark cherry color.

All of this talk of thrifting has me in the mood to bargain hunt. Guess what I’ll be doing this weekend? Thrifting!




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2 responses to “Thrifty Thursday

  1. Noreen

    Love the shelf – it would make a great plant stand.

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