My most important step: last week where I stood

On most Tuesdays I like to bring you a recap of all the places I’ve stood in the past week. Last week was my little “stay-cation” where I mostly just worked on my portfolio and did an obscene amount of crafting. While I’d love to show you photos of me sitting around in pajamas all day, I think it’s best if I just bring you my favorite shot.

I took this on Sunday when I was looking at a lot of my work I’ve done in the past year. It’s amazing to see how you can progress both creatively and as a person.

I made a huge step both Sunday and Monday towards my ultimate goal in this little life of mine. Fingers crossed it’s received well and I can move forward!

What are some of your goals?




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5 responses to “My most important step: last week where I stood

  1. Amy

    Looks good!
    I love looking back on all of my work. I hate it when I’m doing it but when I look back I am so surprised with myself.

    Keep going. Can’t stop won’t stop, bad boys for life!

    • I’m the same way. Hate it while I’m doing it and even hide it afterward. But once enough time has passed, I am usually quite happy with it 🙂

      Thanks for the push onwards!

  2. These drawings are great! And so is this website! I’m so happy you found an organizational outlet for all of your creativity. Best wishes. Keep it up!

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