Foodie Friday: My favorite places to get a veggie burger

It’s Friday! Which means it’s only 3 more days until my vacation has officially ended. Am I ready for it to end? Not at all. I could use another 2 weeks of sorting out my stuff and going on the never ending soul search. But today, I bring you a foodie Friday installment involving veggie burgers. I hardly ever eat red meat and much prefer the vegetarian lifestyle.

Whenever I get a craving for a good veggie burger, aside from making it at home, I like to go to any one of these places and enjoy a solid veggie burger that does not disappoint.

First up, we have Flat Patties located in Harvard Square. A very reliable go to spot for a no frills delicious veggie burger. Just like the name, the burgers are flat and not bulky or too thick. Some times if you have a veggie burger that has too much.. stuff in it, it can be a little gross. They have a sauce that goes on top of the burger that makes it extra flavorful. Their fries aren’t half bad either!

Charlies Kitchen located in Harvard Square as well is a notable place to get a drink, or two but not many people think of Charlies Kitchen as a go to spot for a veggie burger. Well, it is. They have a homemade black bean and vegetable cheeseburger with salsa, guacamole and chips. I quite literally had both of my hands covered in this delicious burger. It can often get quite crowded in here, so it’s best to go before 7pm.

Last but not least is my favorite, Highland Kitchen in Somerville. The black bean veggie burger is out of this world. Big enough to be satisfying but not over the top. It has a little bit of a spicy kick to it, but that really adds to the flavor. Highland Kitchen has a lot of American comfort food, an amazing drink list, and a fun atmosphere. I mean, they serve deviled eggs. How can you not love the place?

These are just three of my all time “crave worthy” spots. I also really enjoy Eat at Jumbo’s, b.good, and U Burger. I’m a very simple girl to please, so a fancy place with a fancy veggie burger isn’t always what I’m after. When a veggie burger is done right, it’s done RIGHT, but when it’s done wrong, it’ll make your stomach turn.




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