Nail Art Inspiration

On this lovely Monday morning, I’m going to take a step away from posting my own nail art to bring you some of my favorites I’ve found on the internet lately. I’ve gotten to a point where I need that extra bit of inspiration to get my nail art creativity flowing again.

I love the colors in this manicure featured here.

Simple, yet adorable. I love the little burst on that finger. Found on pinterest.

A Bee manicure. Need I say more?

Here’s the DIY for this amazing look.

Art on your fingertips. Who doesn’t love a little Mondrian?

I am in love with this one. You can find it here as well as many other great nail art tricks that are SO easy.





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5 responses to “Nail Art Inspiration

  1. J’adore !!! mais tu dois passer des heures à faire le Mondrian non ? Des tutos pleaaaaaaase. Il me faut des pinceaux super fins pour faire des traits mais je ne sais pas trop sur quels sites en acheter

    • Sorry so used to reading blogs in French didn’t realize what language I was writing in. I meant that I loooooved it but you probably spent hours on the Mondrian one. I need some super thin pencils to draw some thin lines only I don’t know any good website to buy them.^^

      • Aw well thank you, but I actually didn’t do the Mondrian one. I know you can use a small craft brush to create tiny details, or even purchase a nail art pen such as this one here. I have two of them and find they work quite well 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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