20 More: All About Marie

On this second installment, I bring you 10 more 10 facts about me. And just incase you are bad at math like myself, that brings us to 20 absolutely random facts about yours truly.

{source: here}

11. I had braces for somewhere around 5 years. Pre-dating the braces, my dentist wanted to break my jaw and wire it shut to correct a severe under bite I had.  Numerous retainers and the braces corrected my teeth. Now I’m just terrified of the dentist.

{source: here}

12. I kiss my fingertips and touch the roof of any car I’m in if we drive thru a yellow light.

13. My favorite book to date is On the Road by Jack Kerouac. A close second would have to be Memories of My Melancholy Whores by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

14. I’m the retail manager for a Spa’s boutique in Boston’s historic North End

{source: here}

15. I’m currently re-gauging my ears back to a 00ga. I love pretty spiral plugs and tapers.

16. I have an internal conflict between wanting to live out in the country, in a cute one family house with a porch and a back yard… And living in the city in a modern exposed brick loft. There’s just no happy medium with me.

17. I have both sides of my nostrils pierced. I got them done at the same time when I was 18 and haven’t taken them out since. They’re my babies and I feel naked without them.

{source: here}

18. I love New England seashores, and could spend hours collecting sea glass.

19. I have a diamond tattooed on my left shin. It’s a bro tattoo with about 3 others from a tattoo shop my best friend used to manage, and that I worked at.

20. I don’t drink soda. But once in a great while I get the craving for orange or grape soda.

If you missed the first 10, be sure to get caught up here!




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