My Weekend Recap: NYE, Slutcracker, Sushi Oh my!

Do you ever take a moment to sit back and watch just how fast time flies by? I’m still in awe we’re already moving in to 2012. 2011 brought so much happiness into my life, I’m really not sure if 2012 can beat it. Hopefully it’s up to the challenge.

Saturday morning my best friend was in town, so of course you know what that calls for.. Brunch! We headed over to Cambridge Common, a place on Mass Ave that Kh and I like to go to for dinner, and drinks. On one of our first dates Kh took me there, I had a lemon drop martini and some tater tots. I love tater tots!

On this particular day, we all ordered breakfast items from their brunch menu. It was lackluster at best; bare bones breakfast items. While I give them an A- for variety on their places, the variety itself was lacking. The fruit salad was mostly melon, as I like to call it “filler”, and the home fries were cold in the middle.

Don’t get me wrong, I ate until I almost burst. It’s just nothing compared to the breakfast we usually get at Uncommon Grounds. My all time favorite breakfast place.

After brunch Kh and I laid around the apartment being overly lazy until it was time to get ready and head out.

To ring in the New Year, Kh and I went to the same sushi place we had dinner at last New Years. Romantic, right? Sweet potato tempura roll, you are to die for. Kh looked quite handsome in a button up dress shirt and a vest. Pair it with some jeans, and my heart was a flutter.

We then headed to the very last showing of The Slutcracker for this season. I surprised Kh with tickets to see the show last year, and this year Kh surprised me with tickets to see it. A burlesque rendition of the Nutcracker, full of stockings, waist cinchers, and whips. It’s really a great time! We sat up in the balcony and sipped on beer.

With an introduction such as this via the Dig:

With burlesque dancing, ballet, bawdy humor, and visual art, the Slutcracker playfully preys on the innocence of the original Nutcracker story, while strangely sustaining its magic—alluring a cult-like following as it becomes a perverted masterpiece here in Boston.

How can you say no to that?

At the end, we slipped away before everyone started to file out. Jumped on the train and headed to an 80’s night. We got there early enough to find perfect seats at the bar. We created our own little space and paid attention to no one else all night. Until Cara popped in, and all 3 of us rang in the New Year together. I got 2 New Years  kisses!

Sunday was spent lounging and cat sitting for 2 of my favorite little ones. My part time job consists of pet sitting cats while their owners are out of town. I love hanging out with the little ones. Peanut and Little Bruiser are among two of my favorites. Peanut loves to jump up on your shoulders while you walk around. Bruiser couldn’t be left out of the attention circle and just had to get involved.

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Next weekend my brother visits!



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