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January Photo-a-day Challenge: Part Two

Here’s my continuation from my January Photo-a-day challenge from earlier today. Days 16-31!

16. Morning

17. Water

18. Something You Bought

19. Sweet

20. Someone You Love

21. Reflection

22. Your Shoes

23. Something Old

24.Guilty Pleasure

25. Something You Made

26. Colour

27. Lunch

28. Light

29. Inside Your Fridge

30. Nature

31. You, Again

Missed the first edition? You can find it here!


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My Week-instagram-end

I always like to put up photos of my weekend (instagram style) on Tuesday’s as it gives me all of Monday to get the pictures together. Can you really blame a girl? Monday is the start of my week and I’m often at a very slow start. Think of a wind up toy just as it’s gears are making it’s final turn, that’s me on a Monday.

We had a very relaxing weekend. We took the girls on a walk every day, had an amazing cheese and drink night (I’d say wine but I was enjoying a great many dark and stormys), and I tried to get caught up on posts I have planned for February.

Look at the mug I decorated!

Happy Tuesday!


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January Photo-a-day Challenge: Part One

I was a little late in the game, but at least I’m jumping on the bandwagon just in time for February. Here’s my January in photo form.

1. You

2. Breakfast

3. Something you adore

4. Letterbox

5. Something you wore

6. Makes you smile

7. Favorite

8. Your sky

9. Daily routine

10. Childhood

11. Where you sleep

12. Close-up

13. In Your Bag

14. Something You’re Reading

15. Happiness

Stay tuned later today for 16-31!

Second half can now be viewed: here!



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Shoes on you Sunday and under $50 to boot

I.. I love shoes. I’ll generally wear my shoes until they absolutely fall apart on me, and even then I have a hard time throwing them out. My favorite pair of shoes would have to be a pair of black pointed toe boots that I got on sale at Kmart for.. $10. I’ve had them for years, and I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve had to sew up the back of them, and glue the soles back on. I can’t bring myself to throw them away, and for such a cheap pair of shoes, I can’t bring myself to get them repaired.

So, I keep them, hidden in the back of my closet only to come out when I’m having a lazy Sunday and need to run to the store. My dear black boots, how I adore you.

What better way to spend a Sunday then online shopping for shoes? Here’s some of my favorite finds for under $50.

{Lace-up skimmer from Urban Outfitters}

{Nice flats from Blowfish Shoes}

{Our First Album Wedge from ModCloth}

{Golfing in Georgia Flat from ModCloth}

{Floral Wingtips from Forever21}

{Lace-up Bootie Wedge from GoJane}

{Buckle Strap Hidden Wedge from GoJane} So far, my favorite.

{Leatherette Oxford Booties from GoJane}

I could have gone on and on and on.. Shoes + a bargain = my heaven.


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DIY Secret Text Egg

Today I bring you a DIY I tried out last year for Kh’s birthday. I got the original idea from seeing random photos on pinterest with the same concept. Apologies in advance for some of the photos, I only had my iPhone on me to take the shots.


  • One egg
  • Tissue paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brush
  • Blank piece of paper
  • Something small to poke holes in egg


  1. First you want to poke one hole in each end of the egg. From here, you want to blow into the other end of the egg to remove all the insides. I had to blow pretty hard but never fear, the egg won’t (hopefully) break on you.
  2. Now wash out the inside of your egg. And set it aside to dry for a little while. This may take a bit, but you want to make sure the inside is completely dry before you put your secret message inside.
  3. While you’re waiting for your egg to dry, you can take your blank piece of paper and write a secret little message. It can be a love message, a confession or even a break up message. Whatever your heart desires! Just remember you have to roll it up and fit it inside the egg so try not to make it too long. It’ll make the rolled paper to thick.
  4. Once you feel your egg is dry enough, paint the outside of it! I went with some simple heavy duty wall paint I had gotten at Home Depot, to make my egg a little less fragile. I painted the outside an off white color with purple polka dots.
  5. Let dry. Patience!
  6. Once your egg is dry, take your text message and roll it up into a tiny little scroll. Pick one end of your egg and slide the text scroll into it. I had to crack the hole open a little further to fit it in.
  7. Since the hole I made was fairly large, I took a round piece of paper and covered up the hole. I then just painted the paper onto the hole to cover it up.
  8. Wrap in tissue paper, put in a cute box, and you’re done!

I loved making this little thing. It would be a perfect craft for around Easter!


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Foodie Friday: My favorite eats

1. Spaghetti {source} 2. Pineapple {source} 3. Quorn (fake) Chik’Nuggets {source} 4. Guacomole {source}
5. Strawberries {source} 6. Honey Bunches of Oats {source} 7. Iceberg Lettuce {source}
8. Tikka Masala {source} 9. Lemon yogurt {source}

If you can’t tell by the broad range of food, I have a very strange variety of likes when it comes to my food.

When I was younger, I loved drinking orange juice with my spaghetti, and making mashed potato sandwiches with slices of bread. Strange? Yes, a little. Now that I’m older I still enjoy the random combination of foods every now and again. Macaroni and cheese on top of my (fake) chicken nuggets is probably my favorite right now.

Do you have any strange food habits or combinations that make others think twice?


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100 things to do before I kick the bucket: the first 40

I’m sure by now I’ve mentioned a few times that I love lists. I especially love lists that have (albeit lofty) goals attached to them.

I’ve always loved the idea of having a “bucket list”, or a list of  things to do before you croak. I decided it was high time to really think this over and get my own list going.

This list comes to you in no particular order according to importance nor relevance.

  1. Travel cross country in a sleeper train
  2. Have my artwork in a gallery showing
  3. Write a book
  4.  Visit Iceland
  5. Spend a week working on an organic farm
  6. Go on a ghost hunt
  7. Finish my sleeves and chest piece
  8. Put out a book of my photographs
  9. Teach art
  10. Go on/create my own silent retreat
  11. Take a ceramics class and learn to use the wheel
  12. Brand my own business
  13. Live in London even if for a short period of time
  14. Travel to craft fairs/trade shows across the country
  15. Live in San Francisco
  16. Have my own darkroom
  17. Live in a loft apartment with exposed brick and a wall of religious iconography/oddities
  18. Learn how to make my own pasta
  19. Move back to Portland, Oregon
  20. Travel to India
  21. Learn how to reupholster furniture
  22. Own a VW van
  23. Experience Mardi Gras
  24. Own at least 6 dresses from Pin Up Girl Clothing
  25. Replace my Canon fancy camera I sold to travel
  26. Spend a weekend in Philadelphia and experience all the amazing restaurants they have
  27. Live on a farm and have a covered porch, a chicken coop, and plants I don’t kill
  28. Visit Hawaii
  29. Learn how to make sushi
  30. Take a bartending course
  31. Knit a 70’s color blanket
  32. Take one yoga class a day for an entire month
  33. Try being vegan
  34. Find a career that allows me to have flexibility with my schedule and be responsible for my own time
  35. Get to a point where I have minimal responsibilities
  36. Go snorkeling with sharks
  37. Learn how to roller skate
  38. Go ice fishing
  39. Go on a cruise
  40. Make a book of black and white photobooth pictures

Stay tuned, this list ain’t over till we reach 100.




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