A New Year: New Goals

Resolutions? Not so much for me. I always felt that you can evoke change in yourself and in your life on any day of the year, not just the changing of the calendar.

Last year I managed to complete 2 of my goals, which in total isn’t too bad. I bought 3 plants, and managed to work away at my debt. I know, pretty lofty accomplishments. I did take steps towards crossing off the others, that counts for something.

My goals for 2012 include:

  • Create more traffic to my blog
  • Finalize my etsy shop
  • Purchase a new camera
  • Work on my savings
  • Travel more often
  • Create more DIY’s
  • Find an apartment with a bathtub
  • Volunteer/Get more involved with the local arts community
  • Find more part time work pet sitting
  • Create a piece of art every month
  • Read more often
  • Start taking more pilates/core fusion/yoga classes
  • Find a local tattoo artist
  • Take more time for myself
  • Enjoy the smaller moments
  • Laugh more

I think I have a lot to look forward to in 2012. So, for my last post of this year, Happy New Years! I expect great things.


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