A Confetti Filled Roundup

Every New Year’s I try to do my most prized activity.. relaxing. A good movie, an even better dinner and a bottle of wine makes for a great way to ring in the New Year in my eyes. My love of relaxing far surpasses the desire to stand in a crowded bar.

While I don’t want to stand in a crowded bar, I do love the idea of throwing confetti at complete strangers and celebrating the merriment that ringing in a New Year brings. Hooray, we surived 2011!

To celebrate my love of confetti, here’s a mini DIY roundup for those that share this love.

{Confetti Eggs}

{Countdown Matchbox Confetti}

I can’t pick a favorite between the two! I really like the idea of these plantable confetti, especially combined with one of the DIY’s above. How cute!

{Plantable Confetti}

If confetti isn’t your thing, here are a couple great New Years Eve printables. Such a good idea for those that are entertaining this NYE!

{NYE Party Printables}

{Party Hats Printable}

Whatever you end up doing this New Year’s eve, whether it be entertaining, being entertained, or going out, I hope it’s a safe and happy one!

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012!

(Where did time go?)


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