Holiday Thirsty Thursday

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail? Especially this time of year, with the stress of the holidays and the impending New Year. While searching around, I found a few of my favorites.

I must say, anything with pineapple and rum in it I’m all over. One of my favorite bars to go to will custom make your drink right there on the spot when you give them a few ideas of what you like. No menu involved.

After I tell them what I like, and my drink comes to me, I usually find myself drinking a jungle bird out of a heavy tiki mug. Yep, I’m that person. And I’m completely ok with it.

{Depaz Winter Mojito}

{Candy Cane Cooler}

{Naughty Nog}

{Gingerbread Martini}

{Jingle Juice}

I must say, the mojito and the jingle juice seem to be my two favorites. Who doesn’t love a mojito, or a drink that has a beautiful gradient color to it?

Drink up and enjoy the holidays! Soon it’ll be 2012! (Blows my mind!)




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