My Goodies Aka The Loot

In general I’m not a very materialistic person. I lived out of a suitcase for about 3 years, and can’t even bring myself to buy a bed frame for fear of eventually having to move it somewhere. Well, that and I’m terrified of the monster under the bed. Don’t judge, it’s a real fear!

This of course doesn’t mean I don’t love to oogle a nice bed frame, or get excited over brand new goodies. This past week I’ve certainly gotten my fair share of new goodies to be excited over.

First up, at work we decided to do a Secret Snowflake. My secret (but not so secret now) snowflake got me this holiday survival kit!

A delicious looking red wine I can’t wait to open. My favorite potato chips. Coffee. Chocolate. And gum. Seems like a perfect package to me. I have a habit of choosing my wine based solely on the label. This one passes the test.

Second up. A xmas care package from my Gram! She included my favorite candy by far, Reeses Trees! The package wasn’t complete without chihuahua stickers.

My family, and well just about everyone I know, is well aware of my owl obsession. I’m not sure where my Gram found this little gem, but look at my new pajamas. Kh thinks I’m damn sexy in them.

Last but not least this little owl guy my Gram had made for me. She’s had a tradition of giving her grand kids ornaments since the time I was little.

Yesterday we had Christmas Palooza with two friends. Tons of good snacks were consumed, and too much soda was inhaled by yours truly. I very rarely ever drink soda and when I do I have a sugar crash like a toddler.

I love a print! Kh got me this Pendleton iPad case. I don’t even own an iPad, but I’m so in love with this pattern! Kh put a cute little owl calendar inside it, and I’m as happy as a clam.

 I was also lucky enough to receive…

  • a bunch of knee high socks
  • a 1970’s Playboy (what, I love the photography and ads!)
  • mascara
  • my favorite (and expensive!) shampoo and conditioner
  • a colored ink pad
  • stencil making sheets
  • a cookie shape maker (um can you say camel shape?!)
  • chevron pattern shirt
  • several fantastic sweaters, one even has a hood ekk

All of this combined with my new sewing machine (that’s arriving this week! ekk) makes me one very lucky girl. I’m so thankful for all that I have, and for those who make my life complete.

What has been your favorite gift so far this year?



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