Just A Highlight: Weekend Recap

I survived the weekend! And what a weekend it was. I had such a great time, but as a result I’m just about falling asleep on my computer while watching A Muppet Christmas Carol. Which I’m now the proud owner of.

The Christmas partypalooza went surprisingly well. The dinner was amazing, the dancing even better.

Kh looked handsome. As always!

We had Christmas tonight with Kh’s best friend, and her girl friend. I got so many good prizes! I’m far too tired to dedicate an entire post to the goodies themselves, so lets just highlight my “wow” prize..

Kh got me a Singer sewing machine! Legit and heavy duty! I’ve already watched several videos of it online. I can not wait to get it.

The possibilities are endless. Pillows, table runners, curtains, you better watch out fabric store. I’m comin’ for ya!

Stay tuned for the rundown on all my goodies, holiday cocktail ideas, and manicure Monday.

Until then, goodnight. This little gal is tired.



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