What’s Up This Weekend

So here it is. The Saturday before Christmas weekend. We have exactly one week before Christmas Eve. Am I ready? Not at all.

This past week was filled with Holiday DIY’s. If you missed out, here’s a recap!

Monday – Snow Globe DIY
Tuesday – Snow Globe Ornament DIY
Wednesday – Peacock Feather Ornament DIY
Thursday – Handmade Holiday Cards
Friday – Handmade Gift Tags

I feel like the past few months have snuck up on me and run away before I even knew what was happening. 2011, where did you go?

Tomorrow I’ll be having Christmas with Kh, Beck and Debs. Oh, Sophia and Lucy too! Presents are not wrapped, nor even in one central location. Cookies are not baked, and groceries have not been purchased. I finished up most of the present shopping today, so that’s one positive, right?

I’ll be making peanut butter cookies, apple pie, and possibly some other delicious snacks.

I grabbed the girls these goodies while out today. Delicious doggy treats, and an owl dog toy! How could I not. Kh thinks I bought it for myself.

I love  watching dogs open up presents. Especially if its a snack or something they can munch on.

Tonight we are heading to Kh’s company Christmas party. We have a hotel room, fancy outfits, and our dancing shoes on. Or at least packed to put on later.

This was taken last weekend at my company Christmas party. I anticipate us being a little bit tipsy tonight. And dancing to a lot of Lady Gaga.

Until tomorrow everyone! Have a great Saturday night.





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