DIY Holiday Cards

When it gets close to my favorite holidays, I can’t help but start planning out the cards I’ll be sending out.  My favorite holidays to decorate cards for would have to be Christmas, Halloween, and Valentines Day.

The possibilities are just endless when it comes to all three. Last year I made owls with little felt hearts sewn on them for Valentines Day, and festive little trees for Christmas. This year I decided to keep it relatively simple.

Using the snowflake stamp that first made its appearance in my DIY snow globe ornament, I painted a thin layer of acrylic paint onto it. From here I stamped a single white snowflake on every single card I was planning on sending out.

(You’ll need to repaint the stamp several times)

I purchased the cards at my local AC Moore in the $1 bin. I usually stock up on these, as they are quite a good investment.

Once the white snowflakes were dry, I did the exact same step only using a different paint color. I was still feeling inspired from my snow globe ornament and went with the white/red color scheme again.

These little stamps were the best investment I’ve made in a while. They aren’t the best quality, but I also found them for $1 at AC Moore in the discount bins. It’s hard to say no to that. (I bought a few..)

At this point I poured a little red paint onto a paper plate, thinned it out as best I could on the paper, and stamped each letter in the paint then onto the cards.

Let them dry, and there you have it. Your own holiday cards!

Here’s the breakdown on how much the cards cost me:

  • $1 – Snowflake stamp
  • $1 – Alphabet stamps
  • $1 – A pack of blank greeting cards (I purchased 2 packs)
  • Paint – Already owned
    In total: $4

No card would be complete from me without a little owl incorporate some how.. So I’ll be printing off this little guy to include in all the cards I send out.

I just love snail mail! I can’t wait to send these out.




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3 responses to “DIY Holiday Cards

  1. krafty

    have you tried making your own stamp pad? I find it so much easier than painting the acrylic on. i like this tutorial:
    happy crafting!

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