DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

Today marks the second day in my DIY week of Holiday crafts. I had so much fun with these little crafts, I can barely stop myself from coming up with a million more ideas and  being inspired by crafts I find.

Anyways, onwards! Today I bring you a simple yet adorable snow globe ornament diy.


  • Fill-able ornaments – Craft store on sale $3 for 4
  • Fake snow
  • Red glitter
  • Acrylic craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Snowflake stamp
  • Acetate
  • Thin string

First I laid down a paper bag that I had cut the side out of, to give me a work place that I could get a little messy. Next on top of this work space I poured out a small amount of the acrylic craft paint, took my paint brush and painted a thin layer of paint onto my stamp.

I made a few practice stamps to make sure I had the right amount of paint on the stamp. Once I had it just right, I took a small sheet of the acetate and made several snowflake stamps onto it. Giving me options to choose from.

To give my stamp dimension, I also used red paint. Once the white had dried significantly, I stamped on top the white with the red. Let dry and repeat on the other side.

While you wait for the paint to dry, take your fake snow and put several spoonfuls of it into your empty ornament. The amount of snow you put in your ornament is completely up to you; just be mindful of how heavy it gets.

Once your stamped acetate is dry, cut the shape out leaving a little extra on each side. I chose the 2 stamps that came out the best. Which is why its good to have several to choose from. Next use a sharp object to poke a hole through the top of each cut out. I used the tip of a pair of scissors.

At this point I took red glitter and sprinkled it on top of the fake snow in the globe. I really liked the extra color it added to the ornament. You could use whatever color glitter matches the color paint you used on your stamp for an extra cute touch.

From here I took two thin pieces of string of varying lengths and tied them each to the acetate. I made a very small knot at the top. I bent the acetate gently and put them inside of the globe. And then I lost my mind a little trying to get the two stamps to hang at different lengths in the globe. Barely succeeding, I tied the other end of the strings to the metal top of the ornament.

And tah-done!

I hid it on the tree to see if Kh would take notice and see it. I love the way it looks on the tree with the lights shining through the acetate. The possibilities are endless with this! I’m going to have to incorporate stamped acetate into more of my crafting next year.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another DIY holiday ornament!



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