Snow Globe DIY

I’m taking a little side step this week from my regularly scheduled blog posts. I’ll resume again with Manicure Monday next week (with something awfully cute..).

This week I bring you all DIY Holiday crafts! Starting today with one of the more popular DIY projects I’ve been coming across lately: the snow globe. After seeing just how cute they were, I had to give it a go myself.

These little crafts can be found at Anthropologie for upwards of $38 each! In total I spent $10 on this craft. Using mason jars and paint I already owned.

Here’s a little step by step DIY on making this easy and affordable winter decoration.


  1. Fake Snow
  2. Super glue
  3. Red glitter (optional)
  4. Paint
  5. Gold mica flakes (optional)
  6. White glitter (optional)
  7. Mason jars
  8. Fake small trees/items to put inside globe
  9. Wire cutters (optional)

{Have a few options available for inside your globe!}

First I recommend taking your small tree and making sure it fits inside your mason jar. I bought the smallest tree I could find but it was still too big. I took a pair of wire cutters and snipped off the bottom of it, to ensure a good fit. You may need to glue it back onto the bottom of the tree stand.

From here take the super glue and glue down the two pieces of the mason jar lid. You may need to hold it for 30 seconds, or find a heavy object to lay on top of it.

Once the jar lid is securely glued together, glue down your tree and any other items you’ve decided to use. I chose the small train and a tree.You’ll need to hold them down for 30 seconds, just as you did with the lid.

Once you have your tree (and any other treasures you choose) glued down securely, take the color paint of your choice and paint the underside of the lid. I chose to paint it white. I did have to use several coats.

Once the paint is completely dry, take your fake snow and pour as much as you would like into the mason jar. I used a tablespoon and put 4 spoonfuls in. You could also put some of the glitter in it to give it that extra sparkly something.

From here, take your lid and place a small bit of glue around the edges. Screw it onto the mason jar. This gives it an extra hold.

Once securely put together, you could paint the lid using the meca gold flakes, or perhaps use ribbon to hide the silver. I personally love the silver lid, so I kept it.

Shake it up, and enjoy!

And now to choose the lucky person that gets this for Christmas!

Stay tuned this week for DIY snow globe ornaments, DIY peacock feather ornaments, DIY handtags, and DIY Holiday cards!




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3 responses to “Snow Globe DIY

  1. Cathy

    These are too cute!

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