Decked Out

I love to watch the changing of the seasons. Flowers springing from muddy earth, turning to green grass with fallen leaves to piles of snow. It’s hard not getting swept up in the daily happenings of life. Losing track of time and forgetting to just take a breathe. I find it easier to enjoy the smaller moments when I fixate on one place. Or even one point. It can be somewhere I pass by every day, or a small routine I make myself do.

{summertime at night}

There’s this little park that I walk through every day on my way to work. I’ve seen it in the full bloom of summer, and the warm palette of autumn. Recently the city lit the holiday lights that wrap around a long archway on the main path of the park. At night when I walk through the park I almost feel as if I’m in some mythical holiday land. My face glowing with the blue lights from above.

{day time}

I almost wish it would stay dark all the time just to enjoy this little reminder that time moves so quickly, we need to catch on. The thought of seeing this tomorrow almost makes me excited to head back to work tomorrow… Almost.



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