Don’t Forget About Fido!

It’s a pretty well known fact that I’m an absolute animal lover. I have a small chihuahua, whose pretty much my world. Every year I make sure I have special little gifts under the tree for her to open. Sometimes, she even manages to open them without my assistance.

Plus, it’s just all to cute to hang a little dog stocking by the chimney with care (not that I have a  chimney.. or even a fireplace for that matter).

This year we have both my little Sophie to buy for, and Kh’s little Lucy. Which got me thinking of what kind of goodies there are out there for our beloved four legged creatures this holiday season.

This Viking warrior helmet is so adorable!

This chevron pattern dog bed is my absolute favorite so far. It may be a little to big for my 9lb Sophie though.

I wish this vintage suitcase pet bed was my bed!

Look at this cozy shark bed.

Pet paw stocking to put all the little treats in.

And of course here’s a little love for my four legged feline friends. This jellyfish catnip toy is purrrfect.

If you don’t happen to have a four legged pal of your own, a great gift this time of year is to donate to your local shelter. Places like the MSPCA are always in need of donations and support to keep their shelters operating.

Don’t forget about the tasty treats! I made this pumpkin and peanut butter recipe for our little ones and they loved it. Try using a holiday shaped cookie cutter for an extra festive touch.



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