Stockings Stuffed And Hung With Care

Growing up, my favorite part of Christmas was by far the stockings. Of course we mostly only ever got deodorant, toothpaste, batteries, and maybe some chap stick wrapped up and hidden in the toe of the stocking. Surprise!

Thankfully as I’ve gotten older, stockings have gotten to be much more fun. Last year Kh’s best friend sewed a little owl on my stocking! And I got tons of good prizes.

My excitement is at an all time high for stocking treasures.

If I had a bathtub, I’d be all over these lil lush pud bath bombs.

Soap gift set! Perfect size to fit in a stocking. (Even cuter if you got the bunny too!)

Knitted coffee cozy’s are the best. Re useable, washable, completely Eco-friendly.

Skeleton keys, and knee high socks? I think I died and went to everything I love in one land!

Crocheted colorful jellyfish. Need I say more?

Large filigree earrings, in all sorts of colors. I love the turquoise ones personally.

Hand embroidered and stamped coin purse. Would certainly help keep my purse more organized!

For those out there with a green thumb, these paper confetti flower seeds are a great gift. Hold onto them until Spring.

Get a little creative with your stocking treasures this year. Who says you have to be opening batteries and peppermint gum?



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