Gift Wrapping Ideas

Now that all your gifts are purchased (or if you’re like me and barely even have made a dent in your seasonal gift purchasing..) it’s time to think about gift wrapping! I must say I am one of the.. worst gift wrappers you’ve ever seen.

I remember one Christmas my brother and I had a “worst wrap off”. I won by putting the gift in the middle of a piece of wrapping paper, bundling up the sides and taping off the top. It was quite epic, but nowadays I try to be a little more crafty.

Here’s a small list of some of my favorite wrapping paper. And even a DIY on making your own crayon chip wrapping paper.

{Herringbone Screen print via Kid Icarus}

{Screen printed Holiday Gift Wrap via Slide Sideways}

{Loop Wrap via Loop}

{Triangle Mini Decorative Paper via Minimega}

Here’s a great DIY Crayon Chip Wrapping paper. Incredibly cute, and easy to boot!

I must say I love all the modern, print wrapping paper I’ve been finding.

Happy Wrapping!



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