OOTD: What I Wore On The Weekend

Now, I’ll tell you right off the bat I’m doing a little cheating on this post. I have a terrible routine that always consists of me trying on 3 different outfits before I decide which one I like the most. I often will even go to bed with thoughts of outfits that lurk in my closet to avoid the morning stress of “what to wear.” Strange, yes. And no wonder I have dreams of the closet monster!

When all is said and done, I’m a rather simple dresser. I will admit I stick to my all black wardrobe pretty religiously. I only really stray from that path with a few colored accessories, scarves, tights, cardigans. And of course, nail polish. I like to incorporate different textures into my black clothes. Quilted tights, fringe (yes!), and patterns. I’m a sucker for black and white patterns.

I digress! Back to that part where I’m cheating.. I actually wore this particular outfit on Saturday when we took the pups for a walk in the park. It was pretty chilly and I later regretted not wearing my hat (that I left in the car) but I got over it quickly. Forgive the quality, I also didn’t plan and only had my iPhone on me.

Jacket – H&M from last year
Jeans – Target (fit 4 for curvy hips!)
Shirt – forever21
Shoes – Kmart ($7 on black friday)
Sunglasses – Target
Scarf – Target
Necklace – forever21
Bag – H&M

Earrings – forever21

I wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow..

Until the next outfit!



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