I Said Yes To My Holiday Dress

Last week I had been scouring the internet trying to find the perfect dress for the upcoming Holiday parties I have to go to. Now of course I don’t have to go, and I only technically have 2 parties so I shouldn’t stress out about it. I always find when it comes time to dress up all fancy, nothing goes as planned. What always ends up happening is those shoes I thought would go with the dress? Terrible. The dress itself? Pinches in weird places. Yeah, story of my life.

I finally made a decision from the dresses I picked out in this post. The winner.. drum roll please..

The Ava Dress!

I just hit confirm on the order not two minutes ago. I decided to go a size up as I was between sizes on their sizing chart. Gotta love having hips. I’m hoping I’ll get it in time to have any last minute alterations done before Kh’s Christmas Partypalooza, as I’m jokingly calling it.

We got Kh’s outfit this weekend, now we’re both all ready for the mixed cocktails!






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