DIY Saturday: Fabric Covered Terracotta Pots

Within the past couple of months I’ve come across several DIY’s on how to make fabric covered terra cotta pots. From the moment I laid my eyes on this little project, I was in love. Think of the possibilities! One afternoon when I finally had both the time and motivation, I rummaged through a bag of clothes I was getting ready to donate to a local goodwill and found all the fabric (except one) I needed.


  • Mod Podge – $8 at your local craft store (great investment!)
  • Terracotta pots – $1 each at Home Depot
  • Pieces of fabric – Free to $3 – Find things you already own you can recycle, or purchase fabric swatches at a craft store/even a thrift store
  • Paint brush – $2 – I have a set of crafting paintbrushes I got for cheap at a craft store.
  • Wash Cloth or a wet paper towel
  • A small bowl you don’t mind messing up – cool whip container anyone?

Step 1:

First wrap the fabric around the pot to figure out just the right angle you want to use before applying the mod podge. Once you have this worked out it’ll make the rest of the steps much easier. Pour a small amount of mod podge into the bowl and with the brush apply it to the bottom of the corner of the fabric and on the pot.

Step 2:

Begin wrapping the fabric around the pot, applying the mod podge to the bottom of the fabric and the pot. Make sure you apply it evenly and in a thin layer. Too much and you may get bunching and air bubbles. Go slowly!

Step 3:

Continue doing step 2 until you’ve wrapped the entire pot in fabric. Once you’ve reached the point where you started, overlap the fabric just enough to cover the seam. Double check to make sure the fabric is evenly stretched over the pot and there are no ripples, bubbles or bunching! Use the wash cloth to wipe away any excess mod podge.

Step 4:

Cut the excess pieces off from the top and bottom of the pot. Fold the fabric over the bottom and mod podge it to the rim. Do the same for the top. Overlapping the fabric in a triangle shape makes it easier! And you’re done!




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4 responses to “DIY Saturday: Fabric Covered Terracotta Pots

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  2. Joy

    Hi, thank you for your tutorial. I have tried to use material to wrap around my pots. However, whenever I try, I get pleats. Could you please tell me how to do it the way you described? Thank you, Joy…Your pots are beautiful!

    • Great question! You want to wrap it as smooth as possible around the entirety of the pots and make the placement just so the pleats will be on the inside or the very bottom of the pots.

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